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Understanding Hardwood Floor Options

Many people like installing hardwood floors for their beauty and warm feeling. It is important to learn several things about different hardwood floors before you buy or install hardwood floor. If properly maintained, hardwood floors are known to last over a hundred years, unlike the typical ceramic tiles or carpets. You have several options when your hardwood floor gets scratches, stains and damages. You can have it refinished, painted, coated or repaired to look as good as new. Hardwood floors come in a wide range of styles and colors that suit different interior designs. Apart from these benefits, the hardwood floor improves the resale value of your home.


With the available hardwood floor types, you are likely to get a suitable option for each room. It is advisable to pay attention to the colors, species, grains and other variations first. You should note that apart from the walls, the floor will be the next largest surface to display the pattern of your home. It is advisable to ensure that your preferred hardwood species matches the color, design, fabric, furnishings and house accessories. The dark hardwood floors are ideal for homes with a traditional design while the brighter hardwood floors suit the contemporary architectural designs.


Observe the natural features of the hardwood floor you are about to choose. Most hardwoods have a unique grain pattern, grey or black marks and natural knots of varying sizes. These natural characteristics are inspired by the species, growth pattern, soil, sunlight and the prevailing climate. Hardwoods usually display minerals in the form of grey streaks, black lines and unique grains. It is important to pay attention to these characteristics when choosing a hardwood floor.


Variations described above help the hardwood flooring manufacturers to grade to rate or grade them. The clear grade usually show minimal natural features. Hardwood comes in a broad range of styles like strips, parquet and planks. It is also essential to buy different finishes that complement the style of your house.


Most of the available hardwood tile options are hard and can withstand normal wear and tear. But the wood will eventually sustain dents. Some wood cells are soft and weaker than others, and this could result in a few dents over time. Therefore, you need to avoid dropping things on the floor because this could lead to damages. You should also have your hardwood repaired and stained to maintain the natural beauty.

The tips highlighted above are helpful when choosing hardwood floor for your dream home or business premises. We hope that you have enjoyed reading and wouldn’t mind sharing with other people planning to install hardwood flooring.

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