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Preventive Measures to Keep Mold Away From Your House

Mold thrives where there is oxygen, water or moisture, food such as wood, mold spores, warmth, darkness and enough time. If you are to move into a new condo check for mold and ask the relevant people to take care of moving it before you move in. Here is how to take precautions to prevent mold from growing in and out of your house.

A poorly ventilated house and carriages stagnation of moist air which causes the growth of mold. Enhance the circulation of air in your house by allowing the windows to stay open the better part of the day during summer. Repair the air condition of your home so that it regulates the humidity levels inside the room.

When the basement is damp mold will grow. Basements that are not properly ventilated have a higher amount of moisture and like other rooms of the house. The coldness of the basement adds to the dampness and high humidity amounts. Mold is bound to grow in huge amounts when you do not clean the basement regularly. Leaks floor down to the basement because it is the bottom-most room of a building which creates an ample environment for mold to thrive.

Leaking gutters will surely promote the growth of mold on the walls of your house. The walls will become dump if the gutters are clogged because water will spill from the gutters and run on the walls. Your house will have an ugly appearance if you do not fix the leaking roof because it will cause mold to build on the ceiling and attic.

You should take care of the foundation of your building to ensure that water does not accumulate in this area or else you will find mold growing. Drain water from your yard so that it does not build up around the foundation by digging ditches and drains. You can raise the exterior skirting of your house if the ground slopes towards your home so that water that flows towards your house does not get inside or get into contact with the foundation directly.

When you leave wet clothes inside the house for an extended time you risk mold growing in the house. Do not pile wet, dirty clothes for long before washing. Install loth-lines and racks in a well-ventilated room if you have to hang your clothes indoors so that moisture does not accumulate so much inside the home.

You cannot prevent flat from happening if the floods frequently attack your area, but you can control molds from growing inside your house because of floods. The floods make the inside of your house wet for a long time. Build drainage inside your house that can channel out floods from your house when the water level outside the house drop.

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